We share our lives with beautiful pets, and they give us so much in return. My pet portaiture in pastels or pencils can re-create the special memories of your cherished pet to keep with you always. What better gift for yourself, family member or friend, than a pet portrait of the hand-made likeness of a very best fur-friend? Order your pet portrait today.

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Doggy Doodles has a new portrait!

Doggy Doodles is back in the New Year with a new creation.  Have a peek at ‘Punchie and Ruben’ by clicking on the first picture icon under ‘Latest Portfolio’ in the right-hand column.


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Angus J’s tip of the day

Hi there fur friends. It’s good to be back.  I’ve been going about my usual doggy business in the yard and causing havoc in other areas of my residential plot by barking, as usual, at anything that moves.  This has been particularly exciting as it was holiday season recently and… [ read more ]

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Wonder-dog survives bullets and burns

A few months back, the severely injured 3-year-old shepherding dog rushed into his owner’s home in rural Worland, Wyo. (population 5,487), about 150 miles north of Casper.

He’d been shot twice and then burned inside a barrel. The blue-heeler was bleeding from the face, and third-degree burns covered most of… [ read more ]

Apr 02, 2013 | Category: Animal Stories, Newzhoundz world newz blogg | Comments: none

Man reunited with dog after 10 years apart

Shortly after his pet boxer passed away, New Hampshire man Jamie Carpentier wasn’t looking to take on another dog. He went online anyway—who doesn’t like to browse?—and looked at pictures on the Humane Society of Greater Nashua website. But then he saw a familiar face: his old basset hound, Ginger.… [ read more ]

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Dog wakes owners, saving them from a fire in their home

Family members are crediting their dog with waking them up when she sensed a fire, before the smoke detector.

Late Sunday night, the family along Woodchuck Way in Citrus Heights woke up to the 3-year-old pug, and moments later the smoke alarms rang out, Fox40 in Sacramento reported.… [ read more ]

Apr 02, 2013 | Category: Animal Stories, Newzhoundz world newz blogg | Comments: none

Man who allegedly killed dog faces multiple charges

A man who allegedly killed a dog with a shotgun blast in northeast Denver is being held on multiple charges, along with a woman who was involved in the incident.

Todd Sheldon, 29, is being held on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder, illegal discharge of a firearm and cruelty to… [ read more ]

Apr 02, 2013 | Category: Animal Stories, Newzhoundz world newz blogg | Comments: none

Ruby’s Rave

Helloooo fur fans.  I had a fantastic Christmas, thanks for asking.  I managed to get the best present ever and the best piece of chicken breast available for Christmas lunch.  I have to say I enjoyed every morsel and the look on Angus dog’s face when I pipped him at… [ read more ]

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Dog kissing contest :)

These people are kissing some real dogs.

Tuesday marked the 9th annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest and Cocktail Party at the Planet Dog Company Store in Portland, Maine, the Bangor Daily News reported. Planet Dog designs and retails pet supplies and dog-related products.

The competition entails dog… [ read more ]

Apr 02, 2013 | Category: Animal Stories | Comments: none

Dog rescued from Iran finds home in Dallas

Facing possible execution and found wandering the streets of Tehran, Iran, Shellman has found her land of opportunity in Texas.

But Shellman is not your ordinary immigrant. She’s one of a lucky group of about 80 dogs who’ve made the journey to North America and Europe for refuge in the… [ read more ]

Apr 02, 2013 | Category: Angus J’s Doggy blogg, Animal Stories | Comments: none

My friend Dylan – rest in peace

I have always been an animal lover and a champion of animal causes for the suffering of animals.

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to be the companion of many a loving dog and they all have their special memories, habits and ways about them.  Dylan was a very… [ read more ]

Nov 30, 2012 | Category: Mr D's Senior Citz Bitz, Thoughts on life, pets and art | Comments: none

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