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I’m hoping to build another room onto our home in the near future that will act as a separate home studio for showing my work to the public and allowing me to have even more space than I do now. I will design my new room with extra light and a separate access for people to be able to look around at their leisure without disturbing the family routine and getting a real ‘feel’ for my work. I will also add another ensuite to my new room, for the convenience when I’m in a ‘creative streak’, and I don’t want to mess up the rest of the house to clean up when I need to. I have yet to convince my husband of this extravagance, but I will eventually talk him around. I have a separate space for my projects now, but the chalk dust finds its way into everything, including clothes and bedding. As my husband is a sensitive soul, I’m sure my idea of a dust-free and environmentally friendly home, and a completely separate studio will win the day eventually. 

I’m nothing if not versatile however, and I will continue to utilise the space that I have to continue to create my projects, while extolling the virtues of a new dust-free environment to whomever will listen. Great ideas will eventualy become reality with a little persistence, faith and hard work…:)

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