My friend Dylan – rest in peace

I have always been an animal lover and a champion of animal causes for the suffering of animals.

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to be the companion of many a loving dog and they all have their special memories, habits and ways about them.  Dylan was a very special boy from his first day.  He and his litter mates were rejected by their mum and we had the privilege, and the challenge, of bottle feeding and raising these beautiful puppies from the very beginning.

We rose to the challenge and managed to get them through their first tentative weeks and when the time came to say goodbye to them, I could not part with this little man.  I was besotted by him and he by me.

Over the years, he went everywhere with us.  Every house move he took in his stride, every car trip he relaxed into the breeze and every holiday he came along and enjoyed himself as much as we did.

As he became older, his hearing started to go and he developed cataracts but he had no trouble finding the food bowl at dinner time and ‘hearing’ the fridge door open when he was in the front yard.  At night he curled up on our laps or onto his favourite cushion on the lounge to watch television and made sure he was first onto the bed to get a good sleeping position for the evening.

He succumbed to cancer after a long illness and a large operation to try and stem the growth of the tumours.  He was loved and spoiled rotten to the end.

We were there for his first breath and we were again there for his last. What a beautiful boy he was and a beautiful life he gave us.  He will be greatly missed and forever loved.  Rest in peace our beautiful boy.  Until we meet again. xxxx

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