Angus J’s tip of the day

Hi there fur friends. It’s good to be back.  I’ve been going about my usual doggy business in the yard and causing havoc in other areas of my residential plot by barking, as usual, at anything that moves.  This has been particularly exciting as it was holiday season recently and I had a barking ball 24/7 as the tourists meandered past my plot.  I’m pretty sure I scared them off but they kept coming and by the end of the weekend I was pretty strung out and hoarse.  Mum took me to the vet as she thought I had suffered from some kind of doggy nervous breakdown but I’m A-ok and back to my former glory patrolling the perimeters.

I had better watch my step though.  The neighbours are starting to complain and Mum is online looking for something called an ‘anti-bark’ collar for me.

As a late instalment, I also wanted to pay tribute to my lifelong friend and all-round good dog for putting up with me – Mr Dylan dog.  Dylan left this earth a few months ago and I’m missing him terribly. Life is not the same without somebody to jump on and chase around the front yard.  Rest in peace my little fur-buddy.

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