‘I got the picture of Bubba as a Christmas present. I had been talking about getting a picture done for ages.  Shiannon did a great job with him, and she didn’t have a lot of photos to work with. It’s nice to be able to look at this now and remember him.’ Cathie.  Sydney, Australia.


‘I didn’t even look at a photograph of Gunta for over ten years. I missed him a fair bit. I decided to get a few photographs out, and I have a few good ones, but the ones I really liked were old and grainy. Somebody told me about getting a portrait of my favourite photo done, so I contacted Shiannon and left a couple of photos. The end result was great. It’s really him. He looks good up on the wall in the loungeroom.’ Marcus.  Gold Coast, Australia.


‘I knew Shiannon through a work colleague, and when I saw some of the work she had done, I decided that it would be a great idea for her to do a portrait of Cindy as a present to my Mum. Shiannon did a wonderful job from the photos that I gave her. It’s a special picture that my Mum really treasures.’ Kay.  Brisbane, Australia.


‘Shiannon has completely captured (Mr) Bear’s personality – both as a young dog many years ago and her latest portrait of him in his senior years. Everybody that sees the latest portrait of (Mr) Bear says the same thing.’ Graham.  Brisbane, Australia.


‘This drawing is of my little Millie, and it’s such a great likeness, I love it. It will be taking pride of place in my loungeroom. A great portrait Shiannon, thank you so much.’  Vi.  The Redlands, Brisbane, Australia.